Vorontsovskiy alley, 6

Green Cape




It goes without saying, that nowadays suburbanization gained the worldwide popularity. Suburbanization is the process of resettlement of urban residents in the area of the suburb.

Fleeing from the disadvantages of residence in metropolitan areas, people prefer townhouses in a quiet place instead of urban apartments.

Line of townhouses Italian District is located in the closed settlement of Green Cape, which is situated in village of Kryzhanovka and borders with Suvorovsky District of Odessa.

Belonging to a set of Green Cape allows to residents of Italian District to use infrastructure of the settlement, access to the waterfront with its own beach and mooring for boats and boat storage, as well as to landscape lake, which is located in the village.

Among the advantages of the location it cant but mentioned the remoteness from industrial areas and proximity to the historical and administrative center, as well as to urban zones of rest and excellent transport links.