Vorontsovskiy alley, 6

Green Cape




The project "English Courtyard" is a complete embodiment of English style that a long time ago conquered the world with its harmony of lines, elegance of forms and true pervasive aristocratism.

Houses, designed in traditional English style, but redone in the spirits of modern architectural trends, give you the opportunity to live in an atmosphere of traditional British respectability, grace and comfort.

Here time is of particular value, minute of life is filled with meaning and depth and home staying allows you to experience for yourself what "family hearth" means.

Engineering Systems. All apartments in the «English courtyard» equipped with an integrated system «Smart House». This is system of centralized management of key communications of the house. «Smart House» allows you to capture and stop the leakage of gas or water, makes it possible to set different lighting scenarios (programmed in time and place of incorporation or off the light sources), and round the clock contact with the point guards, if the need arises. «Smart House» also supports many other functions that you select for your personal discretion.

Wine cellar. To have your own wine collection is the rule of good form for a long time. Collection of vintage wines should be stored only in specially designated areas. Residents of the "English Courtyard" will have a possibility to save their «wine treasures» in special wine cellars, where appropriate temperature and humidity levels will always be supported and where neither noise of megapolises nor vibration of industrial enterprises will disturb the peace of noble wines.

Wide marble staircases give a sense of reliability, as well as emphasize the luxury-grade of the home and a good taste of its inhabitants.

Parking. Tidy stables near the provincial English mansions have been transformed into ultramodern parking. The question where to keep the «steel horses» will not disturb residents of "English Courtyard". There are comfortable and spacious parking spaces at the ground floor of the house, with a sufficient number of parking places (including the cars of guests) and the round-the-clock guard.