Vorontsovskiy alley, 6

Green Cape




The residential complex "Green Cape - Premium" is fundamentally new solution in the construction of multifamily housing. A number of advantages, such as proximity to the sea, the existence of its own beach, playground and comfortable park, landscape lake, the original architecture of the building, including stained glass and exterior trim with a species of tropical mahogany, make houses of "Green Cape - Premium" unique and inimitable.

Residential Complex «Green Cape - Premium» includes four 7-storey houses of Premium-grade, located on the shore of a lake in close proximity to the sea.

The facade of the houses is presented with the decorative finish and architectural elements made with the help of natural stones and valuable breed of tropical mahogany. The glass walls of living rooms give homes the dynamics and style. The possibility of having fireplace makes houses comfortable and cosy. Modern engineering solutions and eco-friendly materials are used.

Modern engineering and communication provide in each apartment round-the-clock hot and cold water supply, water treatment systems, autonomous individual heating system, gas, air conditioning, telephone lines and chimney holes for fireplaces. Your flat can be connected to satellite and cable television and high-speed Internet.

The house of Premium 1 has been built and put into operation, improvement of the nearby territory is on the final stage.The process of taking up residence has been started.

The House of Premium 2 construction has already being started.