Vorontsovskiy alley, 6

Green Cape




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Residential Complex Green Cape - Premium has many advantages which emphasize its distinctiveness and premium-grade:

The original details. The houses are provided with the special rooms for washing animals on the ground floor and the storeroom for each apartment for storing the bicycles in the basement.

The sea and lake. Proximity to the sea gave creators of the complex the opportunity to design a private beach and provide the residents of the village Green Cape with the conditions for storage of boats and yachts on the berth, which belongs to the settlement. The presence of the landscape lake, adjacent to a complex Green Cape - Premium helps the residents to distract from the daily bustle.

Landscape. Paths, lawns, flowerbeds, pergolas are elements of natural design, which adorn territory of complex. A panoramic view on the sea and green area is opened from the each window of apartments. The small comfortable French garden and child's playground will become a favourite place of the rest of every family member.

The covered garage stands provide parking places for cars.

Safety of residence. Throughout the perimeter complex is enclosed by a brick fence with the built-in sensors of unauthorized penetration. Control of the access to the territory is conducted by the round-the-clock video surveillance of public areas. At the entrance to the house you can find an on-door speakerphone, providing connection with every apartment.

Maintenance of complex. Department of exploitation will provide skilled, high-quality, assured services and maintenance of territory, communication and engineerings networks; timely export of garbage and domestic wastes; carry out the mechanized cleaning up of public areas (including the export of snow, strewing, washing). There is also the round-the-clock line in every apartment for calling to the emergency service.