Vorontsovskiy alley, 6

Green Cape




The residential complex "Green Cape - Premium" is fundamentally new solution in the construction of multifamily housing. A number of advantages, such as proximity to the sea, the existence of its own beach, playground and comfortable park, landscape lake, the original architecture of the building, including stained glass and exterior trim with a species of tropical mahogany, make houses of "Green Cape - Premium" unique and inimitable.

The residential complex "Green Cape - Premium" is located on the territory of the village Kryzhanovka, bordered with Suvorovsky region of Odessa. It is a part of the “Green Cape” settlement.

Convenient location of the residential complex "Green Cape - Premium" away from the industrial sites at the same time allows to reach the urban areas and recreational zones in shortest time. Schools, kindergartens, medical facilities, post and bank offices, petrol stations are located in 10 minutes drive from the complex, which confirms its accessibility.

Along with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of urban infrastructure, the residential complex "Green Cape - Premium" has close proximity to the sea with its own beach and landscape lake.