Vorontsovskiy alley, 6

Green Cape



In developing the concept of the village architecture we used the style of functional minimalism. The choice of this direction of modern architecture is not occasional, because architectural fashion in residential construction is playing an important role nowadays. And it is necessary not only to keep pace with the times, but be in a few steps ahead of it.

The relevance of this project will become more pronounced after the finishing of construction.

Cottage village Green Cape - Sea is a part of the settlement Green Cape, which allows its residents to enjoy all the benefits of the proposed complex.

Green Cape - Sea is a village with the modern cottages in style of functional minimalism, which most accurately describes the dynamics of our time.

Green Cape - Sea has its own clean beach, zone of leisure and entertainment, as well as the wharf for storage of boats, motor boats and yachts. All these will enable residents of the village and its visitors to spend their leisure more multifariously.

The village is divided into three zones.

The first zone is for villa development. It formed a terrace on which we can see cottages of two types with different area: for one and two families. Lands for personal use are located near the cottages. The windows of each cottage overlook the sea.

The second zone is for the construction of the 8-storey apartment complex near the sea. Apartments are different: from one to three rooms, as well as duplex. For residents of the apartments the great terraces are provided to help them to get all the advantages of living on the seashore.

The third zone is a flat area for the implementation of land.