Vorontsovskiy alley, 6

Green Cape




We represent you a joint project «Yacht Club» and «Saint-Malo». Location: Belgorod-Dnistrovskiy area, Zatoka.

The meaning of the name «Saint-Malo» is “closed city”, while «Yacht Club» is the self-explanatory title .

This is an excellent suggestion for the most discerning and knowledgeable buyer, who keeps abreast of the times and knows a lot about new and modern criteria of good rest.

We create a town with unique style and atmosphere exactly for this buyer.

Yacht Ñlub «Zatoka» is located in picturesque place on Budakskaya Spit, where from the one side you can see a magnificent panoramic view of the sea-beach, and from the other - the smooth water surface of the estuary.

According to existing concepts there is an idea to establish a zone of residence and rest on this area. It will bring together the project «Saint-Malo» with the previously created project «Yacht Club». The result of such a logical solution would be creating a comfortable complex with a single protected area, which will include modern cottages on both sides of coastlines, caf?, sheds for boats and small yachts, parking, electrical substation, artesian well, and the administrative building for implementation various services.