Vorontsovskiy alley, 6

Green Cape




We represent you a joint project Yacht Club and Saint-Malo. Location: Belgorod-Dnistrovskiy area, Zatoka.

The meaning of the name Saint-Malo is closed city, while Yacht Club is the self-explanatory title .

This is an excellent suggestion for the most discerning and knowledgeable buyer, who keeps abreast of the times and knows a lot about new and modern criteria of good rest.

We create a town with unique style and atmosphere exactly for this buyer.

Village will be located in the Belgorod-Dniester region on Budakskaya Spit, which separates Budaksky Estuary from the Black Sea.

Location in this unique place will provide residents of the town with an excellent opportunity to take advantage of both first and second water environment.

The interactive map in the right part of the page will help you to track the communication with Odessa and other surrounding areas.